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Member spotlight: Pastel artist Stacey Bennett

Member spotlight: Pastel artist Stacey Bennett

12 August 2023

This week I had the privilege to speak to Ali Strachan, President of Assorted Grains Inc about all things art-related.

In the very first episode, I talk about what I love and what is most challenging about working with my medium – pastels. I take a look back on my creative journey so far and reflect on whether creative success is born from nature or nurture. I also dream about my ideal project – something to add to my bucket list that I’d love to achieve in my practice one day!

You need to find what works for you, what medium works for you, and what you enjoy. Make sure you enjoy it, and then when you do, just learn as much as you can, whether that be through YouTube videos, following other artists, you know or just practicing, you’ll find that you will definitely improve. 

Listen to the full interview here – Stacey Bennett Artist Spotlight:

Or to read the transcript –

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Assorted Grains Inc are an independent artist-run not for profit who brings Logan to life with unique arts and cultural experiences. As a Logan artist myself, I’m am very thankful to passion and drive Assorted Grains brings to my local community. I highly recommend taking a look at the great stuff they do and if you are a creative yourself (of any field), why not become a member? Or why not follow them on their socials?

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Keep on creating all!! Peace out!

Stacey x

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