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June 08 2022

May 21 2022

A commissioned artwork titled “Glen and Steve”. CarbOthello pastel pencils, Faber-castell pitt pastel pencils, Rembrandt soft pastels on Pastelmat paper. 2022

February 06 2022

Life is tough but beautiful. Life is stressful but calm. Life is hard but quiet. Life is lonely but full of love. We have all faced challenges in our lives. The global pandemic is just one of them. It has been a tough couple of years. Raising kids in a pandemic while trying to balance…

July 21 2021

When I think about celebration it encompasses a night out on the town. The suspense of the lead-up as excitement fills the air. Envisaging what awaits. Getting dolled up and feeling on top of the world. “Paint the Town” was taken symbolically and literally. The focal point of this piece showcases a gigantic woman towering…

April 19 2021

As Simple as a Bubble was inspired by my 5-year-old son during the global pandemic. As the world was crashing down around us, I was captured by the pure joy of something so simple as bubbles. The colourful palette they created and the way they moved and bounced around in the wind brought a feeling…

February 27 2021

February 14 2021

February 04 2021

Humans are complex beings who struggle to reconcile their conflicting beliefs, desires, attitudes, and feelings. ‘Reflection of Colour’ explores these ideas, in colours and contrast. Using colour symbolically, this contemplative portrait highlights our inner duplicity using opposing colours spectrum. Yet we see tendrils of darkness within in the light, too. The vivid skin tone speaks…

February 04 2021

Inspired by the resilience and courage of my children as they navigate the effects of the pandemic on their lives, ‘Let there be light’ captures their childlike innocence and optimism. Warm light illuminates the girl’s face as she stares, mesmerised by the bright light within her grasp. And even as she stands in the darkness…