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“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts” – Rita Mae Brown

As a pastel and charcoal artist, I immerse myself in the primal act of creating, using music to help me tap into the heart of my subject. Contrasting colours and tones feature heavily in my work. My portraits are bold, expressive and empowering while my landscapes are moody and uplifting.

My portfolio of portraits, landscapes and wildlife can be viewed below.

  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife

When I think about celebration it encompasses a night out on the town. The suspense of the lead-up as excitement fills the air. Envisaging what awaits. Getting dolled up and feeling on top of the world.

“Paint the Town” was taken symbolically and literally. The focal point of this piece showcases a gigantic woman towering upon her city. The city is represented in grey tones to highlight how they are typically seen as concrete jungles, yet she is vivid and bold in colour. Speckles of this colour represent how the city is reflective of self and she is reflected in the city. In her anticipation, she is literally on top of her world, applying her war paint of the night while painting the town.

She has the light in her eye and the street at her feet. She looks to the now and the wonder of what comes next.


Pastels 2021

As Simple as a Bubble was inspired by my 5-year-old son during the global pandemic. As the world was crashing down around us, I was captured by the pure joy of something so simple as bubbles. The colourful palette they created and the way they moved and bounced around in the wind brought a feeling of freedom.

The array of colours, innocence and expressive nature of this piece reminds you to pause and take in life. Put your worries in a bubble and just watch them float away. Enjoy the simple things and be present in the moment. It is those moments that matter the most.

Winner: People's Choice Award, Jimboomba Art Show 2021

Acrylic and Pastels 2021

Available as postcard pack.

Dream-like and mysterious, this expressive piece grabs you and keeps you mesmerised. Familiar, yet unfamiliar haunting blue eyes stare back at you. Thought provoking and real.

She’s strong and sensual, inspiring confidence and hope. While the edges blur into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours, keeping her identity from you in your semi-conscious state. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the deep wells of her eyes.

This colourful, semi-abstract portrait was created in response to the isolating reality of the global pandemic. ‘I Dream in Colour’ represents my inspiration towards finding beauty and hope in every day.


Pastels 2020


Available in a postcard pack

Humans are complex beings who struggle to reconcile their conflicting beliefs, desires, attitudes, and feelings. ‘Reflection of Colour’ explores these ideas, in colours and contrast. Using colour symbolically, this contemplative portrait highlights our inner duplicity using opposing colours spectrum. Yet we see tendrils of darkness within in the light, too. The vivid skin tone speaks to our desire for acceptance, without judgement or ridicule. Like many of us, this woman is suppressing a part of herself, unable to turn and embrace the light. Pastels 2020

Inspired by the resilience and courage of my children as they navigate the effects of the pandemic on their lives, ‘Let there be light’ captures their childlike innocence and optimism. Warm light illuminates the girl’s face as she stares, mesmerised by the bright light within her grasp. And even as she stands in the darkness amid the gentle rain, we find glimpses of hope in the glistening droplets as they fall around her. It makes me wonder at the courage and determination needed to stand within the darkness and embrace the light. What would that light symbolise for you? Pastels 2020

Stooped low, almost in a crawl. His golden glare pins you to your spot. His brow furrows. Listening. What does this charcoal and pastel portrait tell you about this boy? Why is he hiding in the shadows? What story is hiding within his gaze? By combining light, contrast, and unusual colour choice, I create discordant emotions and exaggerate or change the subtext within this drawing. The golden gaze grabs the viewers’ focus and highlights the boy’s curiosity. Or is it anguish? Or perhaps it hints at something dangerous or sinister? What does this inspire in you? Concern and empathy? Trepidation? ‘Eyes Never Lie’ is my way of inspiring viewers to delve deeper and understand what influences their judgments of those around them. Charcoal 2019

Sometimes in our lives we need to find the courage to stand up for ourselves. To express our anger, frustrations and share our burdens. And when we do, good things happen. We connect. We heal. We inspire change. We grow. This raw and intense pastel colour drawing is about giving you permission to express yourself. To realise your inner power and discover that even in the darkness you’ll find rainbows. Take back your power, with a vivid, tenacious piece of art that inspires you reclaim your voice. Pastels 2020 Purchase the original here. 

Commissioned piece Pastels 2021

As a regional Australian artist, I’m surrounded by bush and farmland, but I feel an affinity with water. I’m drawn to it. It calms me, entices me, and calls to me like a siren. When recreating this landscape, I felt immersed in the softness of the pastels. Layering and blending colours to recreate the reflection of light on the surface in contrast to the darkness beneath. This darkness alludes to something bigger than me. A hidden ecosystem deep beneath the surface, or the pain or doubt I feel within me. But the light behind the clouds shows me there’s hope. For me, for our planet. Tomorrow is a new day, full of light and promise, and in this piece, we see the darkness doesn’t last forever. Pastels 2019

It is estimated there are 1063* mountain gorillas left in the world. Take a minute and let that sink in. 1063 left in the world!

Mountain gorillas only live in the dense vegetation of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and along the dormant volcanic Virunga mountain range.

Take home your own Uganda Mountain Gorilla and I will donate $35 from this sale to Virunga National Park. BUY NOW. 

Virunga National a UNESCO World Heritage Site internationally recognized for its exceptional wildlife and habitats. Virunga National Park’s headquarters at Rumangabo is home to the Senkwekwe Centre, the world’s only facility for orphaned mountain gorillas. With expert staff who provide daily care for the orphans, who were each separated from their family due to the impact of poaching, the Senkwekwe Centre is a unique sanctuary offering the gorillas the chance to lead happy and secure lives in their forested enclosure.

In many cultures, turtles are symbolic, representing patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. This piece is a reminder to absorb the beauty and humility of the wildlife around us, and to do more to protect these fragile ecosystems. Or they may be lost to us forever Pastels 2018