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Postcard Pack – Mixed Designs


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Take home this piece of artwork by Australian artist – Stacey Bennett with this 6pk postcard pack.

  • Postcard Pack – 2 of each of my top 3 designs (As Simple as a Bubble, I Dream in Colour and Tranquility Rising)
  • Pack of 6
  • Size: A6 15cm x 10.5cm
  • Australian designed and printed
  • Glossy 350 gsm/ slick front & silky back
  • Easy to write on

I Dream in Colour: Artist Description

Dream-like and mysterious, this expressive piece grabs you and keeps you mesmerised. Familiar, yet unfamiliar haunting blue eyes stare back at you. Thought-provoking and real. She’s strong and sensual, inspiring confidence and hope. While the edges blur into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours, keeping her identity from you in your semi-conscious state.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in the deep wells of her eyes. This colourful, semi-abstract portrait was created in response to the isolating reality of the global pandemic. ‘I Dream in Colour’ represents my inspiration towards finding beauty and hope in every day.


As Simple as a Bubble: Artist Description

As Simple as a Bubble was inspired by my 5-year-old son during the global pandemic. As the world was crashing down around us, I was captured by the pure joy of something so simple as bubbles.
The colourful palette they created and the way they moved and bounced around in the wind brought a feeling of freedom. The array of colours, innocence and expressive nature of this piece reminds you to pause and take in life. Put your worries in a bubble and just watch them float away. Enjoy the simple things and be present in the moment. It is those moments that matter the most.
Winner: People’s Choice Award, Jimboomba Art Show 2021


Tranquility Rising: Artist Description


Escape from the bustle and chaos of everyday life, and into the saltwater shallows teeming with vibrant coral and sea life. Close your eyes and feel the water lap at your sides as you adjust your snorkel, ready to dive as the sun rises.Wishing you were there too? Bring some summer soul into the home with this stunning sea turtle drawing–created using vibrant soft pastels and pastel pencils. The vivid coral contrasts with the cerulean blue of the water, while the sun draws the eye beautifully to the humble sea turtle.In many cultures, turtles are symbolic, representing patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. This piece is a reminder to absorb the beauty and humility of the wildlife around us, and to do more to protect these fragile ecosystems. Or they may be lost to us forever.


Stacey Bennett

Stacey Bennett is an award-winning pastel artist from Australia.

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