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Can anyone be an artist?

Can anyone be an artist?

25 January 2021

Can anyone be an artist? The simple answer is YES!

You may be thinking “no way, not me, I have no artistic ability” or “you have to be born an artist to be an artist”. But what if I told you that I believe everyone is born an artist? Don’t believe me? Then let me try and convince you.

We are all born artists

Think back to when you were a child……

You would colour in with no care in the world. You would colour outside the lines, you would choose random colours making trees blue, elephants purple and the grass red. You drew what you felt and with complete freedom. And then likely an adultstepped in at some point tosay you must colour inside the lines and choose the correct colours, essentially a “paint by numbers” process. Slowly but surely you started to lose that freedom and expression you once had with art.

Even the famous Pablo Picasso is quoted as once saying “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

Life got busy. You grew up right? You probably didn’t remain an “artist”. So, can you get it back?

To be honest, I don’t think you ever lose it. It is there, somewhere and it is just waiting for you to unlock it again. But how? Keep reading….

I can’t always “draw”

It is true. Even as a practising artist I have my off days and on days. I can not draw when I am not in the mood to draw. I never really understood why this is. Why does my so-called “talent” suddenly go on hiatus? Why does my mind turn blank sometimes?

Firstly, have you ever heard of writer’s block? It doesn’t only just affect writers; it can affect anyone who is “creative”. I certainly have experienced “drawing block” before!

I also recently learned about a very interesting artist called Lee Hadwin. What makes him so interesting? Well, all his work is created WHILE HE SLEEPS! I know right!! He is a sleepwalking artist. Amazing!

Lee had no training and no desire to become an artist. He started“sleep-drawing” at the age of 4 but it was at the age of 14-15 that his artistic ability started to come through. But that is not the weirdest part. He says he has no artistic ability while awake! So, what does this mean? Why can he draw while asleep but not while he is awake?

Scientists believe it has to do with the brain. You may think your brain is asleep just like you, but while asleep your brain is practising, strengthening and learning.

Sleep scientists have studied sleepwalkers’ brain activity through the night. They have found that while the rational areas of their brains are asleep, their limbic section which controls emotion and memory becomes awake. This could explain why Lee can express himself artistically while asleep as he is not limited or restricted by the frontal rationale areas of his brain.

While awake, these rational parts of the brain may be an inhibition to his artistic skills.

So, is this what stops us from being artists? Is this what causes my “drawing-block”? The frontal rational areas of my brain? Interesting to think about!

For more information on Lee Hadwin visit –

But I never went to “art school”

Neither did I! I believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do, not learned at school.

Sure, art school is great to learn about art history, skills and techniques, being mentored by your teacher and being around inspirational, like-minded people. But it is not necessary to be an artist.

An artist is simply someone who expresses themselves. And you do not need a school to help you do that. You can do that!

I can do that!

Have you ever seen a piece of art that sold for thousands or millions of dollars and thought “I can do that!’. Well then, why don’t you?

Being an artist is more than having the most “impressive” skills. Art is subjective to the viewer. Art is simply being able to express yourself – in whatever way that may be. It may be through song, words, fashion, or putting paint to canvas. There are no rules to art so don’t let any preconceived ideas influence you. Art can be anything created by anyone.

So, can I be an artist?

You sure can. Just don’t think about it. Grab a paintbrush, put on some music and let your hands do the “talking”. Let yourself go and see what YOU can create.

All it takes is a little faith.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in improving your skills or learning a new technique, then there are so many resources available out there to help you. Some great resources include – YouTube tutorials, Patreon – a subscription-based model where you can access exclusive content from your favourite artists, by following your favourite artists on social media, joining Facebook groups with similar interests or subscribing to my newsletter.

Just remember, the only thing stopping you from creating is you so happy creating!