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My Art Show Experience shaped me as an Artist.

My Art Show Experience shaped me as an Artist.

28 October 2022

I remembering entering my very first art show in 2017. It was my local art show called the Jimboomba Art Show. It was a scary experience stepping outside my comfort zone and putting myself out there in the public eye – and to be judged too! I felt naked!

I was in complete awe by the high quality artwork and to be honest, it made me a little embarrassed. My pieces seem so silly against the other works on show. I thought “maybe I don’t belong here”.

I then had two choices:

  • give up or
  • try again, but this time push my boundaries

I decided to try again….

What harm could that do (apart from a shattered ego?)

This time I went bigger. I tried new technical skills. I pushed myself into something I had not done before. So I entered again with my piece called “Tranquility Rising. and no I didn’t win and that was ok. What I loved about this particular show was the amount of people talking about my work and seeing people vote for my piece in the “People’s Choice Award” and was enough

I didn’t win, but it gave me the confidence that I do belong here after all. Maybe I could actually call myself an “artist” after all?

Ok let’s try again

This time I was branching outside my “safe” artwork. I was exploring colour, exploring new expressive techniques, exploring new materials.

I created “As Simple as a Bubble“. Inspired by my 5-year-old son during the global pandemic. I decided to enter this piece into the 2021 Jimboomba Art Show.

And guess what!

I won the “People’s Choice Award”!! I was floored. Are you serious? Out of the hundreds of pieces there, people chose MY work!

Ok, so maybe I DO belong here. Maybe I AM an artist?

Alright, the fire is now in my belly. Could I do this again or was this pure luck?

So in 2022 I entered the Art Show with my piece “Reflections of Anticipation” and at about 5pm I received the phone call that my piece had won in the Modern Art Category!

I couldn’t believe it!! How amazing!! I was being recognised for MY art.

So what have I learnt with my Art Show Experience?

Well, it is not always about winning. Don’t get me wrong, the last two wins were amazing!

I could have just given up after the first time – but I didn’t. I pushed myself artistically and mentally. I built confidence along the way and I grew as a person and an artist. And yes, I now call myself an artist. Because I am, but it took me a long time to realise that. For anyone reading this thinking you are not good enough, I urge you to stop thinking this way. I urge you to take a step back and explore who you are as a person.

It is not about winning. It is about creating YOUR work for YOU. Not for anyone else. And if you happen to be recognised for that along the way then that is bonus. But don’t base your whole worth on just that.


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