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July 01 2021

Inspired by the resilience and courage of my children as they navigate the effects of the pandemic on their lives, ‘Let There Be Light’ captures their childlike innocence and optimism. Warm light illuminates the girl’s face as she stares, mesmerised by the bright light within her grasp. And even as she stands in the darkness…

June 27 2021

This piece was inspired by the simplicity, yet pure joy of bubbles. The freedom they represent as they bounce around in the wind, the innocent laughter from the children, the amazing array of colours. They only hold a rainbow of colour for a few seconds before they disappear. Even though it is swift, those few…

June 26 2021

Join me and other talented Logan creatives for this inaugural event – Art+Beer! Art+Beer is the first of a series of live, multidisciplinary arts events across Logan. Logan City has an abundance of talented creatives and finally, we have a place to showcase. Briana Dinsdale and band will set the vibe with heartfelt country folk…

June 26 2021

Dream-like and mysterious, this expressive piece grabs you and keeps you mesmerised. Familiar, yet unfamiliar haunting blue eyes stare back at you. Thought-provoking and real. She’s strong and sensual, inspiring confidence and hope. While the edges blur into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours, keeping her identity from you in your semi-conscious state. It’s so easy…

February 28 2021

2020 presented a unique opportunity in the world. A chance to pivot and change the way we do things. Supporting arts in a time of need is critical.

February 21 2021

My abstract, loose realism provides my viewers’ permission to feel, connect and understand the hidden story behind these faces.

January 25 2021

The simple answer is YES! You may be thinking “no way, not me, I have no artistic ability” or “you have…

January 18 2021

If you are reading this, then you likely fall into two categories someone thinking about buying a pastel artwork…

January 18 2021

Ok I admit it, Im a head banger at heart. A heavy metal girl that just cant get enough of those sweaty mosh pits.